Astrology Forecast for June, 2009: Game On!

what's ahead for the Zodiac signs in June, 2009: Play the game to win and hope for some lucky moves

By now, all of us know how much strategy is involved in staying upright and afloat in this crazy still-uncertain economy. It feels like you need to be a chess genius like Bobby Fischer or a skilled poker player, like Doyle Brunson, just to stay even (never mind getting ahead right now). In June, The Game's the thing. And just like that old saying, it's not if you win or lose, but how you play the game that will make all the difference this month - in business, love, and in most relationships. Life certainly is not as easy as it used to be. Game on!

Sign In for the Games, please....

The universal theme this month is game- playing, whether we want to or not. Some of us are playing by choice;  Some of us have been forced to play a game just to stay solvent.  Here are 12 simple, old-school games that evoke metaphors for each Sign in the Zodiac. These games offer hints as to what's ahead for you this month. If one game seems more relevant than another, it's likely you're responding to a Sign that has a powerful place in your Astrology chart  (Sun,Rising, Moon).

Aries: Red Light, Green Light.

June is very much stop 'n go where you're concerned, Aries.  Some of your plans are still on hold - not only because of finances, but because other people you're connected to may have encountered some unexpected delays. This causes frustration, because "Stop" is not a (4-letter) word in the your vocabulary.  Unfortunately, there seems to be more red for you than green during the first part of June. In the second half, you're likely to see some improvement, exchanging red lights for orange "caution" lights. You are advised to slow down, look and listen before proceeding on any big plans.  Don't be in such a big hurry. Take the cautionary signals seriously, Aries. In this game, if you move too quickly, you're out.

Taurus: Tug of War

There are two side to every story, Taurus, although you'd rather not think like that. But, hey, listen, if you insist on seeing things (business, love, family) only from your perspective, you may find yourself alone in the pasture, without a tugging rope. We know how strong and capable you are, Taurus, but Tug of War is a team game. You must work, hand in hand, with others in June if you want to get anywhere. I fear you have been far too self-interested to catch on to what's really going on around you. If you don't learn to read body language and the meanings between the lines, you are likely to find yourself mud-stuck when it comes to advancing this month. You are certainly strong enough, mentally and physically, to win at a game of Tug of War - but compassion and empathy, well that's another story. It would serve you well to get yourself some team spirit.

Gemini: Hopscotch

This month is your birth month, Gemini, and I don't see you standing still for any of it. You are jumping around, (nimbly, of course) and you keep landing in the right squares, because nobody I know can out-hop or out-maneuver you. The important thing for June is that you learn how to separate the important steps in your life from the trivial ones. You may still be questioning how to make "all the right moves" (career or relationship-wise), but if you could stand still long enough to think about the future, you will see exactly which step to take next. Do not to take on more pressure than absolutely necessary this month. In other words, don't burden yourself with other people's problems. You don't need any extra weight of the world on your shoulders if you intend to stay light on your feet.

Cancer/Moon Child: Leap Frog

This game is a lot harder to play when you're an adult, but Cancer is still great at it - especially the mental, visionary version. Cancer can go from one idea to the next, leaping high and mightily when it comes to new ideas and new projects in June. Cancer is not known as the foremost game player in the Zodiac. In fact, most Cancer/Moon Children will tell you they hate games and game-playing. But that ain't necessarily so. Cancer is just as likely to pull the rug out from under you as any other Sign. Maybe even more so.   Cancer knows instinctively how to guard his/her plans and strategies and to keep them private until the time is right to spring them. June is full-on opportunities for you, Cancer/Moon Child. Take advantage of these windows of opportunity to leap right through them. Since we're talking frogs, here, it's logical that some of your most successful ideas will be eco-friendly green. And that's a righteous idea for June  -- and for the future.

Leo: Tag, You're It!

The fastest sign in the Zodiac excels at Tag. Nobody can catch Leo unless Leo wants to be caught (for one reason for another). Leo knows how to evade and avoid becoming "It" to the point that Leo can just dance around as his/her competitors fall by the wayside in this game. Leo is still at the head of the winner's list in early June, because Leo's strength, agility and confidence have given him/her the winner's edge. But in mid to late June, Leo pauses to take a few breaths (or a few winks) and ends up on the sidelines (or so it seems). After a self-imposed rest period (which is a good and necessary healthy move), competition begins all over again and Leo seems faster than ever. An energy-boost and time out to re-charge does the trick. Appearances, in Leo's game of tag, may be somewhat deceiving, because Leo is definitely IT when it comes to success at work, this month. Those romantically involved with Leo may have to take a rest period of their own, as Leo commits most energy this month to resolving business problems.

Virgo:  Mother, May I?

Who else but Virgo would seek permission before making a game move?  Virgo, you're up to your usual perfect manners and playing-by-the rules this June, in outdoor games like this one - and in life. Sometimes, Virgo, you tend to over-think your moves to the point, you lack spontaneity and surprise. Veteran game players know the element of surprise is often an incredibly smart move; it usually throws the other players off. But predictability, as in your case,  can be annoying, especially in newer romantic relationships.  It could be that your significant other (especially if you're still dating) is growing too comfortable and used to you this month. Patterns are fine in sewing, but not so much in romance. Virgo, let your hair down (or grow it, maybe), and stop overdoing Emily Post.  If you add a little lightness-of-being to your life,  June can bring you some fun. "Mother" may just surprise you in a way you never expected.

Libra: Swing the Statue

Libra, you poser: I mean that is the best possible way. Because the world often demands you model for a piece of sculpture or a work of art, and June is like that for you. When it comes to photographers, they'll always want to take YOUR picture first. When it comes to sculptors, they'll want to sculpt your head. Your charming magnetism is alive and thriving this month. And because you are working so hard (at whatever your work is), you may feel like you're way too much in the swing of things in June. Well, truth is, you are working hard:  hustle and bustle - to and fro - and never the twain shall meet - all in an attempt to bolster your career. Take a deep breath or maybe two to balance your self and your sensitive nervous system. One day you'll look back on this busy time, and remember it fondly because this is the month and the Summer when you your creativity overcomes a whole host of challenges (including a challenging host). Stay focused; stay strong, and you'll land on your charming feet no matter how dizzy-busy life gets.

Scorpio: Hide & Seek

This game suits you this month, Scorpio. One part of you wants to hide from all the drama and trauma going on in your life; the other part wants to go out and look for new challenges to conquer in work and/or relationships. If anybody ever could have it both ways, it's you, Scorpio. Your powerful energy and ability to master almost any game, means you can hide easily (especially if you've just left a job or a person) and also seek confidently, if the spirit moves you.  You are great at this game, because you know how to cover your tracks (literally and figuratively) and how to move ahead silently. The hide part of this game appeals to you now, because you may still be smarting over a perceived slight, which has put you slightly on tilt - at least in the first weeks of June. Once you recover, you will feel like going out on a little treasure hunt to seek some one or some thing that excites you. How you play this game is your choice: Hider or Seeker or maybe even both.

Sagittarius: Jump Rope

Not only do you know all the fun jump rope rhymes, Sag, you know how to do the Double-dutch and Chinese wheel. You are the King/Queen of all jumpin'-jack-flash moves this month - because you have figured out the rhythm of the times, and how to stay on your feet and keep moving - always ahead, always in sync. This is no small feat (pun intended), because many people have fallen out of favor and out of step over the past 8 months or so. But not you.  You may have hit a few rough patches yourself, Sag, but your winning ways (and your ability to play the game (and jump the rope) is to your advantage this month. There may not be any huge, significant relationships or sums of money coming your way in June, Sag. But keep jumping and if you don't trip up, you'll see definite signs of progress in these areas later this Summer.

Capricorn: Three-legged race.

Over the past few months, Cap, you felt restrained - either by a relationship or by work conditions. I think I mentioned earlier in another 'scope that Capricorn was going to come up with some great, lasting solutions to some of the problems plaguing your office. Well, I'm sure you did that; I'm just not sure you got properly recognized or rewarded. That's why this game is such a great metaphor. You're just not up and running on your own yet; you're still hampered by financial or co-worker problems.  If you're having relationship issues, this game reflects the fact someone is smothering or hanging onto you so tightly, you feel as if you're grown another body part. Not good for your head, Cap. You may have to re-think this commitment (if you've made one). As it is now, you feel a bit ham-strung. But if you can make it to the Finish line three legged, soon you will be able to start loosening some of the bonds and issues that have tied you up until now.  Then, it's full speed ahead,Cap - but this time on your own two strong and sturdy legs. The recognition you deserve will follow.

Aquarius: Simple Simon Says

Ironic, yes? Aquarius is anything but simple, but this is a heads-up game that Aquarius can win without breaking a sweat.  Aquarius excels not only at following directions, but also in creating them. So, whatever is in store for you, this June, Aquarius, may involve some directing and direction - either dishing it out or changing direction. Possibly a promotion is involved; possibly a competition where you out-think and out-perform all the other players. If a new relationship comes about this month, your great intellect will challenge the other person, who may fall hard for you in the time it takes to finger snap. New love is a good thing in June, but take a relationship break from troublesome, directionless family members and ex spouses or lovers. Keep your life Simple, like Simon Says, and July will present very few problems for you. If you insist on complicating things or becoming obsessive about directing others,  July will be another story.

Pisces:  Scissors, Paper, Rock.

You're taken this game to a whole new level, Pisces, because you are a game player from word one. Never underestimate the mystical, magnetic Pisces and his/her ability to bring drama and competition to any game - from on-line poker to championship bridge. Although s/he will never admit it, Pisces takes most elements of life super seriously - and that includes gaming. So whether its billiards or scrabble, Pisces is as competitive as they come. Scissors, paper, rock can get mighty intense when Pisces plays. But this intensity is a bit too heavy for most people, including you, Pisces. Extreme focus is good for wearing players down, but not necessarily good for important relationships.  Many people with Pisces in an important place in their horoscope may be testing the depths of a newer relationship in June. If so, just remember that paper wraps rock - an important warning flag for you if your goal is to keep  your life free & easy.

Games People Play

The uncertain economy continues to the point we're all playing games of one kind or another. In fact, it seems like Game Theory Grad School out there this month. Some of us are stuck playing Dodge ball against the credit card companies and their merry bands of collecting agents; some of us are hoping to avoid playing "Duck, duck, goose" or Musical Chairs at work. Some of us are playing endless (or so it seems) rounds of Monopoly with our paychecks and our savings. (Who knows? Any day now, the government could decide to turn our dollar bills pink!). Jobless and under-employed players among us are hoping to get our hands on The Wheel of Fortune (there's a long line to even get close to playing). Finally, there's a rather sizable group of us PWMs (people with money) playing "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Price is Right." This group is great at finding the best prices for formerly expensive objects (like homes, corporate jets, boats).  That may not seem fair to those  who must sell, but hey, that's how games go -  sometimes. Despite the variety of games and players in June, there are two things we all have in common:  the necessity to carefully plan our strategies,  and the need to stay relaxed, but focused in order to reach our goals. In all games, planning and seizing opportunities when they come along have a lot to do with succeeding, although a little luck never hurts.

" You have to learn the rules of the game. and then you have to play better than anyone else...." --Albert Einstein

Note: With special thanks to The Game Theory strategy; All the Right Moves (1983 Tom Cruise film ); Emily Post Etiquette (1922 book),  Jumpin' Jack Flash ( 1968, The Rolling Stones); It Ain't Necessarily So, ( 1935, Gershwin opera, Porgy & Bess, Ella Fitzgerald, Sting), Games People Play (1964, TA book by Dr. Eric Berne) and various resources on the internet.



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